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Consolidated states of application operation in the form of "IS Weather" calculated from the state of components & technical & application services as well as the smooth running of functional test scenarios (including time)

Dashboards & pre-formatted automatic reports of operation, application availability compared to SLAs and capacities with dated predictions of saturation risks

Transmission of detailed alerts in the event of malfunction, drop in performance, or risk to anticipate and have a proactive approach

Intuitive zoom functions and animated operation maps to specify, diagnose, detail and locate current alerts

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Les serveurs

Integrated functionalities



Detailed Alerts

Receive clear and detailed alerts on the element causing the alert, the application impacts, the level of criticality and have contextual links to quickly diagnose or escalate to the right actor.


Access in one click to a complete report of the day of operation of each element or group of your IT and its components to diagnose, locate and intervene as quickly as possible.



IT Weather

Instant state of the operation of your applications, services, equipment and IT infrastructure. Stormy, cloudy, sunny, you know at a glance whether to act or stay calm


Daily Bulletins


Periodic Reports


Choose a period and a piece of equipment or an application and automatically benefit from its personalized report with its availability rate compared to service commitments, an analysis of malfunctions, the state of its resources, help with problem management, etc.


& Capacities


In just a few clicks, edit summary reports of the availability and operation of all or part of your applications and IT infrastructures.

Quickly access to the capacity status of your infrastructures, their trends and dated saturation risk predictions. A feature that helps optimize your capabilities and anticipate additional resource needs on time

Animated maps


Access Nagvis, fully integrated, to see your physical and logical maps come alive from the state observed by the supervision.

The animated maps of the operating state of the various elements of the IS offer IT teams another vision of the supervised state.

Architecture and functioning

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About us ...

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BV Associates is a French and independent company, specialized for 30 years in the optimization and reliability of information systems.

Digital Service Company (ESN) member of SYNTEC Numérique, SARL with capital of 280 000 €, BV Associates has always associated two complementary activities:

Software publishing, maintenance and marketing:

  • PILOT IT, Technical and functional supervision software with applications consolidation and integrated reporting

  • LABO REPORT, software for the automated collection and consolidation of activity data from medical biology laboratories

  • I TOOLS , Standardized programming language for production scripts

Intellectual services

  • AUDITS AND ADVICE : Technical and organizational audits, DevOps process

  • ARCHITECTURE : Design and assistance in the implementation of infrastructures

  • STANDARDIZATION : Implementation of ITIL processes and standard technical procedures

  • INDUSTRIALIZATION : Continuous DevOps integration and deployment

  • SUPERVISION : Deployment and configuration of supervision

  • PROJECT MANAGEMENT : Technical and application project management up to production monitoring

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